Over 70,000 items

Over 70,000 items

This is a collaborative and growing collection of items connected with Australian prime ministers, held by archives, libraries, museums, universities, institutes and communities around Australia.


Home Hill Collection

The collection at Home Hill consists of the personal items of Sir Joseph and Dame Enid Lyons and the contents of their family home, comprising approximately 1000 catalogued items.

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The office at Home Hill with vivid blue wallpaper, a bay window, timber furniture, blue carpet and pictures on the walls.

The 'Wedgwood Room' at Home Hill.

Photo: National Trust Tasmania

National Archives of Australia Collection

The National Archives has prepared a number of publications that provide information about the life and times of Australia’s prime ministers and the archives collections that contain information about them.

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Stanley and Ethel Bruce at the rear pergola of the brand-new Lodge in February 1928

Stanley and Ethel Bruce at the rear pergola of the brand-new Lodge in February 1928.

Photo: NAA: A1200, L83837

National Museum of Australia Collection

The National Museum of Australia holds some surprising and unusual objects related to Australia's prime ministers. Ranging from the official to the personal, they provide an insight into the people who have led our country.

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Chifley's brown Akubra hat with a weathered brown band.

Chifley's hat. Photo: Katie Shanahan, NMA

Museum of Australian Democracy Collection

The Museum of Australian Democracy collects material which illustrates the lives and careers of all of Australia’s prime ministers including objects owned or created by Australia’s prime ministers, objects associated with the careers of Australia’s prime ministers and responses to Australia’s prime ministers.

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Barton coatee

Edward Barton's coatee. Photo: Museum of Australian Democracy Collection

The Whitlam Prime Ministerial Collection

With more than 35,000 items, including the original copy of the ‘It’s Time’ speech, the letter of dismissal and thousands of photographs, the Whitlam Prime Ministerial Collection is one of the most extensive collections of key items from Gough Whitlam’s life – before, during and after politics – offering remarkable insights into one of Australia’s most transformative prime ministers.

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A blue page of a type-written draft of a speech with notes made in pen.

Gough Whitlam's 1972 election policy speech. Photo: Whitlam Institute

Howard Library

The John Howard Prime Ministerial Library houses personal papers, amassed, and kept by John Howard. Although the papers are predominantly Howard's personal collection, the archive also includes some residual original and copied official records.

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A green and gold Australian tracksuit top.

John Howard's tracksuit. Photo: Howard Library

The Robert Menzies Collection

The Robert Menzies Collection at the University of Melbourne comprises around 3800 books from the personal library of Sir Robert Gordon Menzies. There are also photograph albums documenting Menzies’ trips to India, the Netherlands, Greece, West Germany, the Philippines, Malta, Japan and Indonesia, as well as the Royal Visit of 1954.

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Robert Menzies leans on a bookshelf that has a collection of photos.

Photo: Robert Menzies Collection

National Library of Australia Collection

The National Library holds the personal archives of 16 Australian prime ministers, from Edmund Barton to William McMahon. 

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A yellow piece of paper with a red crest at the top of the page and handwritten ink writing.

Papers of Sir Edmund Barton. Photo: NLA